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Skiing the Toll Road on Whiteface Mountain

The Whiteface Mountain Veteran’s Memorial Highway, affectionately known as the “The toll Road” offers some of the best early season skiing in the entire Northeastern United States.  All it takes is a few inches of snow and the Toll Road can be an enjoyable experience from the toll booth all the way to the summit.  Die Hard skiers can often be found making their first strides towards the summit of Whiteface as early as October. 

A beautiful scene on the Toll Road

Be Prepared

While it may be next to impossible to get lost while skiing the toll road, make no mistake the weather can get wild as you get close to the top.  Any group that plans to ski to the summit should be prepared for an alpine environment.  Striding to the top can make a skier very hot and very sweaty.  Once you stop your wet body will get cold very fast. At the bare minimum skiers heading to the summit should have an extra layer, and extra warm jacket, a spare set of warm gloves, and a fresh hat to change into for the way down.  It can be a lengthy journey so a little water and food wouldn’t be a bad idea either. 

Any cross-country ski equipment that slides on snow is suitable for the toll road.  On any given early season ski day you will find skiers on cross country racing, back country, or telemark skis on the toll road. Unfortunately there are times throughout the early season that the Toll Road does get plowed.  Be sure to check with any of the local ski shops for conditions and/or rental equipment. 


Skiers enjoying the Toll Road


Keep in mind that the entire length of the road on skis is quite a lengthy journey.  It is perfectly acceptable to ski up the road until you had enough and then head down.  There are great views to be had as early as a half a mile up from the toll booth and they just keep getting better until you reach the top.  Getting there is simple.  Go to the "four corners" in Wilmington and follow the signs to the Whiteface Veteran's Memorial Highway, park at the gate, and enjoy.   A journey up the Toll Road can sure work up an appetite be sure to stop into one of Wilimington's great restaurants when you're done.  

Matt Young

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