High Peaks Wilderness Area
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The largest wilderness area in the Adirondacks has it all, from rugged terrain to forest cover to wildlife. At 300 square miles, it covers portions of six towns and three counties – North Elba, Keene, North Hudson and Newcomb in Essex County, along with Harrietstown in Franklin County and Long Lake in Hamilton County. It might be best known for Mt. Marcy, New York state’s highest peak, but hunting opportunities abound here, whether they be small or big game.

Be aware this is true big-woods hunting. It’s best to be well-prepared before striking out. The most popular Essex County access point can be found in the town of North Elba at Adirondack Loj at Heart Lake. Other access points include the “The Garden” in the town of Keene; the Elk Lake trailhead in the town of North Hudson; and the Henderson Lake trailhead in the town of Newcomb.

The map below points to the Garden in Keene.

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